Custom wheel building....

 The wheel is by far the most complex part of a bicycle, it is an entity all in itself, so much science goes into wheels, we could fill a hundred pages with information on the subject, but with hand built wheels art comes along side the science we like to think about 50/50. 

We pride ourselves on our hand built wheels, so much so that we guarantee most of them against spoke breakage for life, we mainly use Mavic rims as we find they are light, strong and good value for money, the only part of a wheel that can be replaced without replacing other parts is the rim, this means if the braking surface wears down before the hub wears out a simple rim swap will give you back a nearly brand new wheel.

As for hub choice we do like Shimano, they have been making quality bicycle parts longer than most others out there, but they do need regular servicing! Saying that there are many more hub choices, a lot with cartridge bearings, which means the hub should last a life time, with maybe a few bearing replacements over the years.

Spoke wise there is only one choice, D.T. Swiss, they make a wide range of spoke types but a good compromise are the double butted competition range, which come in either black, silver, red or white.

We will build any spoke pattern we feel will stand up to intended usage but won't guarantee all of them, these are just a few of the possibilities...

1 cross, 2 cross, 3 cross, 4 cross, radial, off set radial, crows foot, Spanish style, snowflake, flower petal.     Of course many of these can be mixed on the same wheel.


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