Workshop....                                         Price list...  

 The workshop is the very heart of Bee cycles, it's what we do after all and do it very well, if we do say so ourselves, we like to think that NOTHING is impossible on a bike.

We specialize in the old and unusual, so we won't shy away from your 1940s Raleigh or your old French light weight, we love trying to source hard to find parts or coming up with solutions to your problems.

All internal geared hubs can be serviced or re-conditioned, along with any type of hub brake system.

But just because we love the old, it does not mean we're not up to speed with all things new, if your Mavic freehub body needs servicing or your hydraulic brakes need bleeding, well we can do that too.

 As you can understand it's very difficult to give a price on a repair without seeing it, as every bike and job are always different, but here is a general list of prices that will give you an idea ....

General service                                                   €50.00                        ( this includes, truing, centering and tensioning of both wheels, lubing of all cables, quick clean and proper lube of drive train, inflation of tyres to correct pressure, complete re-setting of brakes, gear hanger alignment and proper adjustment of gears, wheel cone, headset, bottom bracket adjustment and finally a safety check of all nuts bolts etc. )

Deluxe service                                €80.00               ( as above but with all cable inners and outers changed )

Brake service                                  30.00          ( truing, centering and tensioning of both wheels, lubing of brake cables and complete re-setting of brakes )

If brake pads are needed with any of the above add  10.00       ( price only refers to rim brake pads, x2 pairs )

Internal geared hub service, from                      30.00

Wheel build from                                                         €60.00


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